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Delivery Information

Delivery - across Ukraine and to other countries

After placing an order on the site, our manager will contact you to confirm the order. Among other things, the model of your smartphone or tablet will be clarified in order to avoid possible errors, as well as the recipient's data and sending details. After confirmation, the shipment is carried out within 1-2 working days, during periods of high demand, such as before the New Year, a slightly longer period before shipment is possible.

Delivery in Ukraine

Delivery across Ukraine is carried out to the branches of Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta.

Delivery can be both cash on delivery (only in Ukraine) and prepaid. In case of prepayment of the order - the fixed cost of delivery is 40 UAH. for a unit. In the case of sending an order by cash on delivery - the cost of delivery and services of cash on delivery - according to the tariffs of the postal operator, taking into account the route (the cost of the service of cash on delivery is added separately).

When ordering a product, you can indicate the selected service both when placing an order through the "basket", by selecting the desired option, and by specifying a convenient service for you to our operator when placing an order by phone or via messengers.

You will need to indicate the locality, as well as the number of the Nova Poshta branch or the number of the post office of Ukrposhta.

1. Nova Poshta.

Shipping cost is 51 ₴.

If you want to pay for the goods upon receipt (only in Ukraine!), then the delivery cost, taking into account the cash on delivery service, will 61 ₴. Pay on delivery is temporarily unavailable.

Delivery time is 1-2 days from the date of dispatch.

2. Ukrposhta

Delivery by Ukrposhta is possible anywhere in Ukraine. Although Ukrposhta delivers a little slower, on the other hand, it has a much wider network of post offices, which also covers the countryside well.

Shipping cost is 33 ₴.

If you prefer to pay for the goods upon receipt (only in Ukraine!), then the cost of delivery, taking into account the money transfer service, will be 43 ₴. Pay on delivery is temporarily unavailable.

Delivery time from the moment of dispatch is 1-3 days to regional centers and up to 5 days throughout Ukraine.

When receiving an order, be sure to have your passport or driver's license with you.

Delivery outside Ukraine

Delivery to other countries is made by national postal services - from the territory of Ukraine, the order is sent through Ukrposhta, then it goes to the jurisdiction of the national postal service of the recipient country.

This delivery method takes quite a long time - from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the country of destination, but it is the cheapest delivery method.

If you need urgent delivery to another country, you can agree with our operator for a fast courier delivery service. Delivery times and costs in this case will be in accordance with the standards of the selected courier service.

No delivery:

We do not deliver to problem countries, in particular to those with which there is no normal postal and courier communication, as well as to those that are under international sanctions, or carry out aggression, or are accomplices of aggressor countries or terrorist organizations, or otherwise, they have an unseemly - in our opinion - reputation.

Complete lack of delivery

for today to the following countries: terrorist countries and their accomplices

  • russia - russian warship, idi nakhui.
  • belarus - direct accomplice of the ruscist regime in its armed aggression against Ukraine
  • north korea
  • iran - in addition to systematic international terrorism, in particular, the destruction by Iranian air defense of a Ukrainian Airlines civilian airliner, the supply of military UAVs to russian fascists to continue military aggression in Ukraine
  • somalia
  • venezuela
  • nicaragua
  • cuba
  • hungary - agent of influence of the Kremlin in the European Union, sabotage and blocking of sanctions
  • zimbabwe

Limited delivery

for today to the following countries:

  • India - ignoring sanctions, sponsoring ruscists terrorism by increasing oil purchases

"Limited delivery" means that we reserve the right to refuse delivery to these countries at our discretion on a case-by-case basis.