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29 Dec2020 Happy New Year!
0 186
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone!Health, prosperity, and good luck!Especially good luck: there were many healthy and rich on the Titanic..
06 Oct2020 Girl VS cat
1 582
Girl VS cat, real situation... On a social network, a girl complains about a guy she recently met, and it seems that a serious relationship was even ..
16 Sep2020 Marketing campaign! Free delivery — first customer.
0 265
Free delivery — the first customer from each country. One-off action: the first buyer from each country, from which previously we did not have buyers,..
12 Jul2019 Amused...)))
0 354
I was amused by this: ... A teenager who is quite good at computers and who has set a goal for himself - to become a programmer, has been sorting thro..
13 Feb2019 Several new design layouts
0 226
Several new design mockups, for example a case for iPhone 7. Of course, any other model of smartphones and tablets can also "dress up" in a case of th..
08 Feb2019 New design
0 259
We are not standing still - new design layouts appear. To display them, a new section has appeared on the site - "News". New models will be added ther..
09 Dec2018 Promotion — registration on the site.
0 264
The "Registration on the site" promotion means that by the end of 2021, any of our visitors who register (create their own account) on this site, whic..
08 Dec2018 Comments and reviews on site pages
0 197
On some pages of the site, in particular the Blog, the ability to leave comments is open; on the product pages, the opportunity to leave reviews is op..
07 Sep2018 Personalized case and a case with your photo. Added.
2 262
The site has added the ability to order a personalized case or a case with your photo. In order to make such an order, you can go to the corresponding..
28 Aug2018 Our YouTube channel
0 242
Our YouTube channel has started to work - Alioshka ..
27 Aug2018 Our first YouTube video
0 225
The first video on "Tube" ... Yes, it is unprepossessing - we are just learning, and the professional level will be, a little later :) ..
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