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Personalized case

Personalized case

Here you can order a unique personalized case (case with an inscription), if you wish, you can create its design yourself. To create your own design, use the "Design" tab below. If you don't want to bother with the designer, for example, if you went to the site from a phone from which it is not very convenient to work with the designer, you can use the contact form to order Order a personalized case, or contact our manager by phone or messengers. In this case, our employee will do everything necessary, provide you with layouts for consideration, and you can simply choose the layout that you like best, or suggest something to correct, or create a new one. When you approve the layout, your order will be sent to production.

Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case
Personalized case

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Personalized case

   Here you can order a personalized case that will be unique.

How to create a personalized case?

   To do this, you can use the constructor below (the "Designer" tab). If it is inconvenient for you to tinker with the designer, just entrust our designer to create a mock-up of your cover, having roughly told what you would like. You can contact via the contact form Order a personalized case, or by phone, in messengers. Our designer will prepare layouts and provide them for your consideration. When you approve the layout you like, it will be submitted to production.

   After you have used the designer (if you have created the design of the cover yourself), having completely completed all the operations, and filled in the contact fields correctly, our employee will contact you to clarify the details of payment and dispatch, and, if necessary, agree on the technical details of the design.

   Please also read the information on the "Designer" tab - this is important.

If the designer doesn't have your model...

*** You haven't found your model in the designer? - by all means contact us in any way convenient for you - now we have the opportunity to offer you all the same for another 500+ models that are not yet in the constructor.

   Please note that it makes sense to use the "Add to cart" or "Buy now" buttons on this page only if you want to pay for the order on the site, now, online (through the payment systems operating on the site).
   If you prefer to pay for the order upon receipt (cash on delivery is possible only for orders with delivery within the territory of Ukraine!), or in another way (for example, by bank transfer on the invoice, or through a payment terminal, etc.), it makes no sense to use these buttons. If you decide to work on the design yourself, using the designer, then the designer provides for the indication of contact information, and that's enough; in any case, after creating an order in the designer, our manager will contact you to agree on all the details of the order. If you prefer not to deal with the designer, but to entrust all the necessary actions to our employee - just agree with him on the payment and delivery issues in a way convenient for you.

Use For smartphone
Brand & Model Several hundred models of 20+ brands
Material Silicone or plastic
Form factor Panel (cover plate)
Decorations Printed drawing / photo printing
Clasp Without clasp

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Delivery across the territory of Ukraine is carried out by the services of Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta.

When ordering a product, you can indicate the selected service both when placing an order through the "basket" by selecting the desired option, and by specifying a convenient service for you to our operator when placing an order by phone or via messengers.

You will need to indicate the locality, as well as the number of the Novaya Poshta branch or the number of the post office of Ukrposhta.

1. Nova Poshta

Shipping cost is 51 ₴.

If you want to pay for the goods upon receipt, the delivery cost, taking into account the cash on delivery service, will be 61 ₴. Pay on delivery is temporarily unavailable.

Delivery time is 1-2 days from the date of dispatch.

2. Ukrposhta

Delivery by Ukrposhta is possible anywhere in Ukraine. Although Ukrposhta delivers a little slower, on the other hand, it has a much wider network of post offices, which also covers the countryside well.

Shipping cost is 33 ₴.

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Delivery time from the moment of dispatch is 1-3 days to regional centers and up to 5 days throughout Ukraine.

When receiving an order, be sure to have your passport or driver's license with you.

Delivery outside Ukraine

Delivery to other countries is made by national postal services - from the territory of Ukraine, the order is sent through Ukrposhta, then goes to the jurisdiction of the national postal service of the recipient country.

This delivery method takes quite a long time - from 2 to 5 weeks depending on the country of destination, but it is the cheapest delivery method.

If you need urgent delivery to another country, you can agree with our operator for a fast courier delivery service. Delivery times and costs in this case will be in accordance with the standards of the selected courier service.

For more details, see the "delivery" page.


Payment for orders with delivery on the territory of Ukraine is possible both by cash on delivery (payment upon receipt of the order by mail), and when placing an order.

Orders with delivery outside of Ukraine are possible only with a prepayment.

1. Payment upon receipt. Payment upon delivery is temporarily unavailable


Payment is made upon receipt of goods directly at the "Nova Poshta" or Ukrposhta department. Of course, you pay only if you, having checked the parcel, are quite satisfied with the quality of the goods, and take the order. If you refuse to receive, do not pay anything at all.

Commission for the service of cash on delivery to "Nova Poshta" will be from 10 ₴, to Ukrposhta — от 5 ₴

2. Payment at checkout.

You can pay automatically by placing an order through the "basket". When you are on the "checkout" page, you will be able to choose the most convenient form of payment (for more details, see the "Payment" page). When choosing to pay with a card through a payment system, you will be redirected to its payment page, where you can choose a form of payment from a card, from an electronic wallet, by a QR code, Google Pay or Apple Pay, cryptocurrency ...

The payment system provides the highest level of protection for its pages, you can be completely calm about your data used for payment.

Our site does not see, does not collect, and does not store your payment data, so you can be calm - no one on our site will be able to "hack" what we do not have.

If such tools are inconvenient for you for any reason, you can pay by regular bank transfer, either directly at the bank or using online banking (for example, Privat-24), or I-boxes (payment terminals), in which You can pay by bank transfer in cash, and in I-boxes Privat and some other banks - also from your card.

You can make a transfer either to a business account of a Private Entrepreneur or to a card - as it is more convenient for you. You can receive payment details by email, via messenger, SMS from our operator.

3. Payment without money.

You can also pay for the goods and / or delivery using bonuses, if you have any. The system of bonuses applies to those buyers who have registered on the site (created an account for themselves). Bonuses are awarded for purchases on the site, and can also be obtained as part of promotions in social networks. The available bonuses can be used to pay for delivery if their amount is small, as well as for full or partial payment for the goods - within the limits of the available bonuses.

If you received a gift certificate from your loved ones, you can use it to pay for the selected product. If the amount of the certificate is not enough, the difference can be paid with bonuses, if any, or with money. If the cost of the certificate exceeds the cost of the order, you can leave the difference in your account with money or bonuses, or to your mobile account.

Price in reward points: 300
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  • Reward Points: 20
  • Model: 111
  • SKU: 111
  • Location: Ukraine

Create a unique personalized case

You can use the designer here.

*** Do not forget, creating a design in the constructor, in the appropriate window instead of the template "YOUR NAME" your name or word, and also select the material/print, and correctly fill in the contact fields.

*** On cases with your photo, the manufacturer's logo is not included in the splash file; that before the presence of the logo on the case itself (on the side surface for 3D execution and below on the back surface for 2D execution), you can choose with or without the logo.

How to create a personalized case?

To create your own personalized cover, you can independently work with the designer (below), or ask our designer to do this by contacting through the contact form Order a personalized case, by phone, or in messengers.

*** Please note that the background for the inscription can be selected in one color, or one of the backgrounds with a pattern offered by the designer. In addition, you can insert your own background, including a photo. If you are going to create a design yourself - consider these possibilities, but if you entrust our designer - indicate the desired background, or provide a photo that you would like to place on the case as a background.

After you have used the constructor, have completely completed all the operations, and have filled in the contact fields correctly, our employee will contact you to clarify the details of payment and dispatch, and, if necessary, agree on the technical details of the design.

Please also read the information below the constructor - this is important.

How to choose material and print?

The covers are made of silicone (only 2D printing), and plastic, there are options for both 2D and 3D printing, in the latter case there is a choice of surfaces - glossy and matte. Please note that this choice is not fully available for all models - it depends on the availability of the corresponding blanks. When you work with the designer, after creating the design, moving on to the next stage, you will see all the options available. If the layout will be created by our designer, then our consultant will inform you about the available options.

The difference in performance by material and printing (from left to right, top, then bottom: 2D plastic, 2D silicone, 3D glossy plastic, 3D matte plastic) is illustrated by the image below:

Be careful when working with the constructor in terms of the execution option!

Shipping and payment

You can find information about delivery and payment on the corresponding tab on the same page.

In addition to the payment methods indicated there, you can pay online directly from this page using the button or QR code (above). The button will open the payment system page for you, where several payment methods will be available, incl. card, Privat-24, and others. Please note that the payment page is the page of the bank payment system (this can be seen in the address bar of the browser), which has the highest level of protection. Our site does not see, does not store, and does not use your payment data, you can be calm about this.

If you want to pay not in Ukrainian hryvnia, but in any other currency, please contact us first to clarify the amount in accordance with the rate. In addition, if you need delivery outside Ukraine, you also need to agree on the details and cost of delivery (delivery is not included in the price of the cover).

*** Free delivery within Ukraine when ordering two or more of any covers (personalized, with your photo, with a ready-made design - any combination). Also, free shipping even when ordering one cover - when registering on the site, more details here

If you are subject to the terms of free delivery for any of the promotions, you can pay only the cost of the case 200 ₴ (UAH)

If your model is not available...

*** You haven't found your model in the constructor? - by all means contact us in any way convenient for you - now we have the opportunity to offer you all the same for another 500+ models that are not yet in the constructor.

Delivery outside Ukraine


If you want to order a personalized cover with delivery outside of Ukraine, please contact us first to agree on payment and delivery issues to your country.

We remind you that we do not deliver to all countries; in addition, for international shipments, it is necessary to agree on the postal or courier service, which will determine the cost of delivery.

And we remind you that there is a special offer for foreign customers!

I am free

Designer cases for smartphones and tablets

About 1,000 designs. Almost 800 models from more than 20 brands. Own design with name (lettering) and photo.

  Delivery (within Ukraine) 1-3 days; payment on delivery.

 Guaranteed return or exchange of goods.

 Subject to payment online delivery (within Ukraine) 40 ₴

 Screensaver. You receive the file by e-mail (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp) after placing an order. The screensaver repeats the design of the case, so your device acquires a harmonious and holistic look.

 Slim - only 0.9 mm, so the case blends seamlessly with the shape of a phone or tablet.

 Exclusive design that will give your device a distinct personality.

 Durable heat-resistant plastic or silicone.

  To your attention designer covers for phones and tablets. You can choose from durable plastic or silicone. The image (print) is applied on Japanese equipment. In combination with high-quality software, this ensures an exceptional print quality.

These covers are available for 700+ popular models from 20+ brands. The range of models is constantly expanding.

With our case, your device will be protected from all sides, except for the touch screen. All buttons and connectors remain open for easy access.

The case is easy to put on and fits snugly around your phone or tablet.

You can have an unlimited number of cases and change the appearance of your phone as often as you like.

   There are six design options:

  • Silicone, print 2D
  • TPU black silicone, print 2D
  • Plastic, print 2D
  • Glossy plastic, print 3D
  • Matt plastic, print 3D
  • Bumper - silicone shockproof case with reinforced corners

Plastic covers give you additional choice. 2D version (the image is applied only to the back side of the case, and the side surfaces remain transparent), as well as 3D (the image is applied to absolutely the entire surface of the case). The 3D version also allows you to choose a glossy or matte finish. The matte surface of the case is more pleasant to the touch, as it has a soft touch effect. The advantage of the matte finish is that with prolonged use, small scratches and abrasions will not be visible on the case.

You can see the difference below (from left to right, top to bottom: 2D plastic, 2D silicone, 3D glossy plastic, 3D matte plastic):

   Screensaver - a file that recreates the cover design. You can download this file to your phone or tablet and set it as a screensaver, then at rest the device will display on the screen the same as printed on the case. The picture on the desktop for Apple models is made taking into account the parallax effect. In all the photos on the right you see the actual device in a case from the rear, on the left - the same device from the front, when a splash screen is displayed on its screen:

   You also have the opportunity to choose the version as with the presence of the manufacturer's logo, which is printed in a small size on one of the side surfaces in the 3D version (in the photo above, on the right), or below on the back surface in 2D (in the photo below, on the right), as well as large size is present in the splash file for display on the screen; or choose a performance that does not contain the manufacturer's logo.

Worth paying attention

We also suggest paying attention to the possibility to order a cover with your own design (with your photo), or a personalized cover (a cover with your name, inscription). This will allow you to create a design to your liking.

In addition, for the convenience of choosing a design to your liking, you can look into the Gallery, which is located at the bottom of most pages of the site, where all the options for the finished design are presented, or, more conveniently, go to the Galleries page, where the options for the finished design are grouped by theme. , and previews are served in large size. Each photo contains a link that you can use to go to the search page. On the corresponding search page, we have collected covers for all available models with the corresponding design.

Thank you for your attention, and we remind you that when placing an order with registration on the site, you can, in addition to a one-time discount on delivery, receive bills and bonuses that you can use in the future, which can be read in more detail in the site's blog.

If you are interested in hosting services - with excellent technical characteristics, the richest choice of tariff plans for any needs and budget, and most importantly - with incredibly friendly support, you can find it HERE.

I am free

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Design gallery

The designs presented in the gallery are available for all models of phones and tablets that are present on this site. Just go to your brand and model; for the convenience of your search, you can use the "Design" filter on the left of the category pages.

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