About Us

   AlOshka (Alioshka) Art Line - direction, which includes sales of accessories for smartphones, tablets and similar evices, made with elements of decoration and / or handmade division AlOshka (Alioshka), specializing in communications equipment sales, computer technology, and other electronic devices. 

   The basis of the range of products is the company's direction Endorphone, Ukrainian manufacturer that resulted from bringing together two companies with different activities. 
   One of them - since 2006 IT-company that specializes in web-design, commerce and advertising on the Internet. The second - the company for many years to gain invaluable experience in the printing industry and setting up production. This tandem has been successful - thanks to the exchange of experience, we are constantly improving the quality of goods and services. 

Our features and benefits

The main task of an online store Alioshka Art Line - offer customers truly high-quality products that will satisfy even demanding customers with an exceptional taste. In this case, the manufacturer combines quality performance with impeccable service. In addition, our shop will delight customers a variety of nice bonuses. Among them:
  • lower prices than its competitors, we have - producer price and a penny more;
  • rapid production and dispatch to the day of the order, if it has been accepted until 12:00;
  • as a gift - saver on your desktop with the same pattern as in the case. This means that you get along to your e-mail file by a cover with a picture in exactly the same design of the cover, and you can use this file as a screensaver on your desktop (screen) on your smartphone or tablet.
   Our product range includes not only protection and hybrid, but also  registered cases for smartphones  with your inscription. Thanks to this, the customer always has a choice - to give preference to one of the development of our designers or purchase unique thing that will be made in a single copy. If you are interested in the idea to get the clothes of unique to your device, look for another service -  printing on the cover phone. Choose your favorite photos and enjoy them each time, taking the smartphone in your hands! 

By the production process - with all the responsibility!

Development and improvement of high-covers with an exclusive design, which do not restrict access to the controls - this is something to Endorphone company's specialists are working constantly. Company team has tried a number of technical solutions that, when buying you have exactly the same cover, as you see yourself on the screen. The color of the product changes drastically 4 times on the way from the user screen to the final manufacturing stage. But in the end cover perfectly matches the expectations of our customers - we've got to do it, and we hope that will turn on! 

Features of our shop.

   As mentioned above, we offer the products  Endorphone strictly according to the manufacturer's price, without making absolutely no extra charge. In addition, we can offer some more bonuses and additional elements of the service that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. We offer a system of bonus points for purchases, the system sequentially, and covers all areas of sales and service groups Alio. Reward points can be used to obtain discounts on the purchase of goods or services at any of the sites and Alio Alioshka, working for the Ukrainian market.
   We also offer the opportunity to purchase gift certificates, which are also cross-cutting all kinds of goods and services (respectively - sites) Alio and Alioshka. This can be convenient for those who want to make a gift, but it is difficult to present a matter of choice, model, design ... By purchasing a gift certificate, the buyer specifies the recipient's certificate, which will be able to choose a gift to your taste, as an option - and a greater value than the sum of gift certificate and pay the difference. Of course, also possible for several products in the amount of their price covering the cost of the certificate.
   We also offer a partnership for those who can contribute to the invitation of potential buyers in our store by placing sponsored links on websites, social networks, and other resources.
   We will regularly conduct a variety of stocks, in which customers can get discounts, gifts, prizes. 
   It is worth paying attention to the fact that this product is available with a wide range of calculations for the purchase, where in addition to widespread and familiar COD, bank transfer, payment bank or a virtual card, Privat-24, it is possible to pay for the crypto-currency, and will be connect many popular payment systems, both Ukrainian and international. Of course, to accept any currency, which are handled by payment connected with us by operators, providing for us the reception and conversion of incoming payments in the Ukrainian currency the hryvnia, which already comes directly to us in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.
  Considerable  value can be and that we are ready to send the order to any place in the world, if this point there is a post or express a message, and the appropriate country or territory not covered due to their internal problems and international sanctions. 
   We are grateful to those who chose us, so make every effort to give each client exactly what will bring joy and good memories!

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