The "Registration on the site" promotion means that by the end of 2021, any of our visitors who register (create their own account) on this site, which presents commercially produced printed covers for smartphones and tablets of different brands and models in a large assortment, will receive as a reward one free delivery of the order (one unit, across Ukraine) for each registration. This offer is not limited in time - even if you register now and place an order even in a few years - one-time free delivery remains in force.

   What is it for?

All registered users of the site will receive timely messages about promotions, news, and other useful information related to the site to their email. Including about promotions, by participating in which, it will be possible to get the desired product without payment, or with significant discounts. In addition, in the case of placing an order on the site, a registered user will be able to place an order easier, more convenient, and faster...

   What personal information is required upon registration?

Nothing extra. Name, email. Of course, there will be no checks - even call yourself Darth Vader. The main thing is that the email is valid. No banking or other details, addresses, phone numbers are needed, we do not collect such information and do not store it at our place - it is safer for both our users and us))

   How it can save you money later?

Very simple. If you later make an order of any cover on the site, even immediately, at least ever in the future, and your account is registered before the end of 2021, you will automatically receive delivery (across Ukraine, to a branch of New Mail or Ukrposhta) for free, i.e. do not pay for it either in advance or upon receipt of the order. Well, so that you feel calmer - when placing an order, write in the comments: "free shipping", and if you place an order using the designer of personalized covers or covers with your photo, add "FD" after your name and indicate the same email that you registered on the site...

For a customer from other countries, we recall, there is another promotion, which also provides for a one-time free delivery.

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