On some pages of the site, in particular the Blog, the ability to leave comments is open; on the product pages, the opportunity to leave reviews is open, including on the pages of personalized covers and covers with your own design (photo). All comments and reviews will be published, restrictions - only on profanity, spam and trolling. Don't worry about spelling, especially when you write from your phone - we'll correct it in case of typos :)

Any customer registered on the site (who created an account for himself on the site) (i.e. our customer who made a real purchase) who leaves a sincere review, even if there are reasons for criticism, and the review contains negative points, will receive bonuses ... not a suitcase with bucks, of course, but still nice :)

PS, for registered users: if you leave a comment - enter the same email from which you registered; if you leave a review about a product that does not require an email, and do not want to lose bonuses for the review, use the "ask a question" contact form on the same page (red button with a "?" sign to the right of the "Buy now" button ), and report your review by indicating your nickname or email on the site, otherwise it will be problematic to determine the authorship of the review and, accordingly, it will be impossible to accrue bonuses.

Let us remind you that on our website you can order a personalized case (case with an inscription), or a case with your own photo or any personal image - a portrait, a photo of a pet, an "iron horse", a landscape, a work of art, etc.

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