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About Us

   Alioshka Art Line is a direction that includes the sale of accessories for smartphones, tablets and similar devices. Mostly made with decorative elements and / or handmade.

   The core of the range of products is Endorphone. This is a Ukrainian manufacturer, which is the result of combining the efforts of two companies with different areas of activity.

Our features and advantages

   The main task of the Alioshka Art Line online store is to offer customers really high-quality products that will please even demanding customers with outstanding taste. At the same time, the manufacturer combines the quality of work with impeccable service. In addition, our store will delight customers with a number of pleasant nuances and bonuses. Among them:

  • lower prices compared to competitors, we have a manufacturer's price and not a cent more;
  • fast production and dispatch;
  • as a gift - a screensaver on your desktop with the same pattern as on the cover. This means that along with the case itself, you will receive a file with an image, which exactly repeats the design of the case, to your email address. You can use this file as a screensaver on the desktop (screen) of your smartphone or tablet.
  • regular promotions - discounts, gifts.

   Our assortment includes not only protective and hybrid cases, but also personalized cases for smartphones with your inscription. Thanks to this, the buyer always has a choice - to give preference to one of the developments of our designers or to purchase a unique thing that will be made in a single copy. If you are interested in the idea of acquiring unique clothes for your smartphone, pay attention to one more service too - printing photos on phone cases. Choose your favorite photo and admire it every time you pick up your smartphone!

To the production process - with all responsibility!

   Development and improvement of highly durable cases with an exclusive design that do not restrict access to controls ... This is what the specialists of Endorphone are constantly working on. The team of the company has tried many technical solutions so that when you buy you get exactly the same case as you see on your screen. The color of the product changes dramatically 4 times along the way from the user's screen to the final stage of production. But in the end, the case perfectly meets the expectations of customers - we managed to do it, and we hope that it will continue to work!

Alioshka Art Line: features of our store.

   As mentioned above, we offer Endorphone products strictly at the manufacturer's price. We make absolutely no extra charges. In addition, we can offer some more bonuses and additional elements of the service. You will hardly find many of them anywhere else. We offer a system of bonus points for purchases, for registration on sites. This system is end-to-end and covers all areas of Alio Group's sales and services. Bonus points can be used to get discounts when purchasing goods or services. This is valid for any of the Alio and Alioshka websites working for the Ukrainian market.

   For buyers from other countries, we offer a separate incentive system in addition to those that are valid for buyers from Ukraine. For example, if the buyer is the first from his country, he receives delivery for free. See the website for more details.

   We also offer the possibility of purchasing gift certificates. They are also end-to-end for all types of goods and services (respectively - sites) Alio and Alioshka. This can be convenient for those who want to make a gift, but find it difficult to choose a gift item, model, design ... When purchasing a gift certificate, the buyer indicates the recipient of the certificate, who can independently choose a gift to his liking. If, as an option, the selected product (service) is more expensive than the amount of the gift certificate, you can simply pay the difference. Of course, a variant of several goods is also possible, in the sum of their prices covering the cost of the certificate.


   We also offer partnerships for those who can help invite potential buyers to our store. To do this, you need to place advertising links on sites, social networks, and other resources.

Promotions, bonuses

   We regularly run a variety of promotions, within which customers will be able to receive discounts, gifts, winnings.

Payment Instruments

   It is worth paying attention to the fact that we have a wide range of payment tools available. In addition to the widespread and familiar cash on delivery, bank transfer, payment by bank or virtual card, Privat-24, it is possible to pay with cryptocurrency. Many popular payment systems, both Ukrainian and international, will also be connected. Of course, any currencies are accepted for payment, which are processed by the payment operators connected to us.

Delivery anywhere in the world. Except for the problem ones.

   The fact that we are ready to send an order anywhere in the world may also be of considerable importance. The main thing is that there is a postal or courier message with this point, and the corresponding country or territory is not closed due to its internal problems or international sanctions.

   In addition to countries that are under official sanctions, we reserve the right to ignore countries that in one way or another aiding terrorism, but escaped official international sanctions. This is our business, and we decide who we don't want to do business with.

   A specific list of countries from which we do not accept orders for these reasons can be found on the Shipping page.

   We are infinitely grateful to those who chose us. We will make every effort to give each client exactly what will bring joy and pleasant memories!